Sunday, 13 November 2016

Funny Jokes Part 4

Funny Jokes Part 4

1. Honest Reply

Son – Dad, can we have dinner now?
Dad – Yeah sure. But please do not talk in between the dinner.
Son – Okay, let’s start.

Dad and son were eating the dinner.

Son – Dad, you have.
Dad – I told you, son, please don’t interrupt, keep eating.
Son – But dad...
Dad – Please don’t talk.

After the dinner, Dad asked – yes son, what you were saying.
Son answered “Dad, there was an insect in your food, and was telling you to remove it.”


2. Professional Life

The god of death came and took one of the professional people to his place (called as heaven). He asked the god that why he picked him too early, my age was only 35.

But the age you have created by preparing the bills of clients on the hourly basis, says you are almost 95 years.

*Professional person surprised.*


3. Real prayer

Two friends went for hunting in the jungle. Suddenly the horses which they took with them in the jungle got his legs broken and so they had to leave him and walk on their own. Suddenly they saw a lion coming to the pond which was nearby them. They both were afraid and unfortunately the lion saw them running. Both of them sat under the tree and asked the god for help. When they looked back, the lion was sitting silently and was not chasing them. They were relaxed now and walked towards the lion for making their way, but the lion roared and thanked the God for such food, as the lion had prayed the god previously and reserved the food before they prayed the god.


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